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for being a part of our community and for joining the movement to end the stigma around mental health! Scroll down for your free resources!

* Disclaimer: These resources are not a substitute for therapy or medical advice. They are to kickstart your exploration in these areas.

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  • Values Clarification

    This values clarification aligns with the VALUES chapter in Part 3 of the book. It will help you discern and identify your personal values and start to understand how you may or may not act on these values in your daily life.

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  • Mood Thermometer

    The mood thermometer aligns with the EMOTIONS chapter of the book. It gives you a visual for your zones of tolerance with regards to emotional regulation. It includes examples to help you discern when you move out of your optimal window of tolerance.

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  • Journal / Reflection Prompts

    These prompts align with the VULNERABILITY and GRIEF chapters. I invite you to explore these prompts after you’ve read the chapters to see what comes up for you. You may then want to take this back to your therapist or use your responses to explore barriers or opportunities for change.

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  • Coping Skills Handout

    Throughout the COPING SKILLS chapter, I talk about the different types of coping strategies and how we need a toolbox of options. This handout is a starting point of helpful suggestions.

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  • Thinking Traps/Affirmations

    To align with the chapter on SELF-TALK, I created a handout that includes some of the most common thinking traps. I also listed some of my favorite affirmations. Practice catching your thinking traps and replacing them with an affirmation!

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  • Assertiveness Handout

    This handout pulls from the concepts discussed in the chapter on COMMUNICATION. It is a visual to help you understand the differences between 4 types of communication and how you can aim to practice more assertiveness.

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  • Self-Care Handout

    I wrap up part 3 with a chapter on SELF-CARE. Use this handout for some ideas on how to implement this into your life, both proactively and reactively.

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