Media & Appearances

Juliet's dedication to serving shows up in frequent contributions as a mental health expert. You’ll find her freelance writing in a recurring article for both Southpark Magazine and Lux Lifestyle Magazine.

She also frequently appears on WCNC and WBTV. She has contributed to articles in Newsweek, Parade, Axios, Medium/Elemental, and Shondaland.

Juliet is happy to show up wherever she can to help normalize and elevate the dialogue around mental health!

WBTV On Your Side

- The Rise of Loneliness (WBTV)

- Teen Girls & Mental Health (WBTV)

- 3 Part Series on Gen-X Women and Loneliness (WBTV)

- Conversation About Suicide (WBTV)

- More Americans Are Taking Mental Health Medications (WBTV)

- Alcohol Abuse Increases Among Young Mothers (WBTV)

- How Can You Deal With Decision-Making Stress? (WBTV)

- Expert Discusses the Positive Impact After Steve Smith Sr.'s Admission to Being Sexually Assaulted as a Child (WBTV)

- Facebook Testimony: How Can We Break Free From Social Media Grip? (WBTV)

- How Do We Handle Frustration Over Wearing Masks Again? (WBTV)

- Teens and the Mental Effects of Covid-19 (WBTV)

- How Do We Adjust to Normalcy? (WBTV)

- The Pandemic: How It's Affecting Your Child's' Mental Health (WBTV)

- How Are You Handling Frustration of COVID-19 Pandemic? (WBTV)

WCNC Charlotte

- Juliet’s New Book: Who You Callin’ Crazy?! The Journey From Stigma To Therapy (WCNC)

- Finding A Therapist (WCNC)

- Dealing with Collective Trauma (WCNC)

- Understanding Diet Culture (WCNC)

- Take Time Out For Mental Health (WCNC)

- The Stigma Around Mental Illness and How We All Can Help (WCNC)

- Olympics Bring Mental Health Front and Center (WCNC)

- COVID Anxiety Continues Even After Vaccines Are Administered (WCNC)


- Well + Wise: Building Resilience (Southpark Magazine)

- Well + Wise: Therapy 101 (Southpark Magazine)

- Well + Wise: What's Your Story? (Southpark Magazine)

- Well + Wise: What is Body Image? (Southpark Magazine)

- Well + Wise: No Such Thing As Perfect (Southpark Magazine)

- Well + Wise: The Artist Inside (SouthPark Magazine)

- Well + Wise: Can anyone become an entrepreneur? (Southpark Magazine)

- Well + Wise: Coping With Stress (SouthPark Magazine)

- Well + Wise: The Struggle Is Real (SouthPark Magazine)

- Well + Wise: Positive Affirmations (SouthPark Magazine)

- Well + Wise: Radical Acceptance (SouthPark Magazine)

- It's Okay to Not Be Okay (LUX Magazine)

- Truly Setting Ourselves Up For Success (LUX Magazine)

- Blue Light Exposure and Mental Health (LUX Magazine)

In Print

- "Lonely" Woman Goes on Friendship Date Every Week For A Year (Newsweek)

- This Is The One Thing To Ask Yourself To Be A Better Partner (Parade)

- 7 Tips for Finding a Therapist You Love in Charlotte (Axios Charlotte)

- What Are the “types” of Friendships and How They Can Support You (PsychCentral)

- Scammer? Grifter? Impostor? Or Opportunist? The Growing Obsessions With Those Who Game the System (Shondaland)

- It's Not Just You: The Pandemic Has Made Social Anxiety So Much Worse (Elemental)

Other Media

- Who You Callin' Crazy?! (Podcast)

- Charlotte Lately x Sun Counseling and Wellness (Charlotte Lately)

- Taking Action Against Anxiety (Wake Up To Your Life)

- Relationship with Food and Exercise (Running Around Charlotte)