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The Sun represents all that warms, rejuvenates, radiates, and energizes us along our pathways OUT into the world. It also provides both light and shadow to illuminate more clearly our journey INWARD as we tend to matters of heart and Soul. As we awaken to our inner beauty, goodness, and truth, our hearts open and we remember ourselves, our essence our Soul selves. We invite you to join us as we strengthen, cultivate, and honor the natural flow between our inner + outer worlds bringing new awareness, appreciation, and acceptance of ourselves and those around us.

For those who hold woman in your identity:

Do you often feel depleted, stuck, fragile, exhausted, stressed?

We are inviting you into a safe, supportive, open-minded, collaborative space to go inward.
You will learn to navigate with curiosity and less judgment, holding the both/and together to allow an openness to feel whatever it is that you feel.

This is an opportunity to let go of that which isn’t serving you and to anchor into a new awareness, appreciation, and acceptance.

Juliet Kuehnle, national board certified mental health counselor, and Sandra Boozer, integrative wellness provider are co-leading this retreat and could not be more excited to welcome you into this transformative space.


(This information is from our previous retreat)


Fill out the form below and you will receive official confirmation, followed by paperwork and an invoice. Deposit of $500 due immediately to reserve your spot. Final payment due 6 weeks before event. Payment plans available.

Cancellations prior to 6 weeks before event will get a full refund. Cancelling between 6-3 weeks prior to the event will get a 50% refund. Cancelling inside 3 weeks will get no refund.

This investment includes:

-a beautiful solo room for 3 nights

-meals (3 dinners, 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, snacks, beverages. Nutritious and nourishing meals provided by professional chef.)



-swag bag

(Possible opportunity for a shared room, please indicate if you'd prefer this option and we will determine.)

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All offerings are optional, some are in groups, some are 1:1. Customize this retreat just for you!

Art, Guided Meditation, Yoga, Deep Stretch, Values Work, Process Groups, Mindful Movement, Healing Touch, Enneagram Work, Spiritual Direction, Inner Child Work, Body Image, Grief, Imposter Syndrome, Perfectionism, Self-esteem, Identity, Self-care, Hiking, Kayaks, Hot Tub, Firepit, Pool Table, and more!

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  • Healing Touch/Energy Therapy

    As a Healing Touch practitioner, Sandra helps activate your natural energy flow to enhance and support physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. It is commonly used for pain relief, relaxation, and reducing anxiety/stress. It helps to promote overall health & wellness by balancing, opening, connecting, and energizing your energy system to promote your body’s own innate ability to heal and return to a state of overall wellbeing.

  • Enneagram Work

    The Enneagram is a powerful mapping tool for personal growth and collective transformation. It describes the structure and dynamics of nine personality types, opening a path to more self-awareness, integration, and a rewarding life. The nine pointed symbol represents nine distinct strategies for relating to the self, others and the world. Each Enneagram type has a different pattern of thinking, feeling and acting that arises from a deeper inner motivation or worldview. Through understanding our personality type, emotional defenses and our own automatic reactions specific to our type the Enneagram creates opportunities for personal growth, more successful relationships and healing.

  • Spiritual Companionship

    As a Spiritual Director, Sandra will create and hold a sacred place for you to name and claim your personal and unique experience of the divine, however you name your higher power. Unpacking challenges of faith, exploring how experiences have impacted your spiritual life, integrating spirit and mind/body, and discerning what your soul longs for are among areas of examination. It is a place to experience generous listening and compassionate presencing to support you in recognizing, reconnecting, and re-igniting your sacred self and to explore barriers in your spiritual health.

  • Yoga/Meditation

    In yoga, we will help you learn how to integrate mindful breathing techniques, postures, and meditation in order to promote physical and mental health, no matter your level of practice. Mindful Movement Yoga helps to reground into your body to feel centered, balanced, calm, connected, and comfortable. It is complemented by mindful breathing and meditation. We will lead several other guided meditation sessions to help you learn to observe your thoughts and emotions and be able to carry the practice with you long after our retreat.

  • Skills Groups

    Juliet will provide a variety of offerings to help you individually understand what coping skills are available to you. You will leave with a better toolbox of skills to help with distress tolerance, emotion regulation, mindfulness, communication, values alignment, improving self-esteem, willingness to take up space, and more.


8:30-9:30a breakfast 

9:30-10:30a yoga & journaling 

11-12p group

12-3p lunch and free time 

3-5p 1:1s

6-p dinner

7-8p group

8-8:30p meditation and deep stretch by the fire pit

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